How-to: Fix a HTV Mistake


Have you ever done a shirt, done a sample for someone and they change the design on you, or maybe you just have a shirt from last year and want to change it up. How TRW magic vinyl remover can save you a $10 or $12 shirt.

Have a design on front and back and only want to remove the vinyl from one side

Matt uses the heat press by the interchangeable platen on the hotronix heat press, rotates it to the vertical position

Under Press

Garment threaded through the platen for easy access.

Thread or hang the shirt over the platen so the back of the shirt is safely elevated and separated from the front of the shirt and the front of the shirt is hanging downward to have the vinyl removed without damaging the back

If he positioned the shirt with the front facing up and positioned on the platen, there’s a chance the remove could drip or seep down onto the back of the shirt, getting on the back design. In this way, we are ensuring that gravity is working with us and having the chemical drip down and can’t get on the design we want to save

Vinyl Remover

Applying vinyl remover to a garment.

What we’re doing is working up under the heat press. Through the shirt, pour on the inside so the chemical is getting on the back of the vinyl. You can apply to the front of the vinyl too, but it works better from the inside out. Stretch the shirt where the vinyl is and begin peeling the vinyl. Reapply the vinyl remover when needed. For difficult parts, place the TRW press pillow inside the shirt creating a barrier between the front and back of the shirt. Apply the chemical to the vinyl needing to be removed. Rub in and let sit for a few seconds. The TRW Vinyl remover isn’t really designed to remove big jobs like In the video, but we like to show you can if you need to. There may be residue from the vinyl. Take some remover and rub the residue away. The reflective material is the most difficult to remove. Can rub the shirt together to rub out the residue

Let dry and you’re ready to apply a new design and press it with no trouble

Finished Product


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