Overview of the Mock-Up Creator


The Mock-Up Creator may be one of the most used functions of the TRW Design Wizard for building positive business with customers. It gives realistic examples of products for your customer to see just what their design looks like on the item they need.

What makes the creator so diverse and useful is that not only can you upload any item imaginable – from a t-shirt, to a car, to a wall – but it offers customizable features and preferences your customers ask for while saving you time. No one knows what your customers want and expect like you do. The creator gives you the professional standard they demand.

Let’s say there are three kinds of customers: the one who wants to see the design on a product (any t-shirt), the one who isn’t sure what color product they want (“Does my design look better on a blue shirt? What color blue?), and the one who wants to see their logo on their specific shirt type in their specific color (a royal blue Men’s Under Armour polo). Creator lets you cater to all these needs.

The third customer who knows exactly what they want is probably the easiest to please. Simply find the exact product and save the image. Select the image and click Cut Out Image Mock-Up. This traces the product exactly as it is, then you can place a template box to add a design. Save this as your customer’s account name or the design name, or whatever is going to be a quick reference for this specific product and design placement so you can show your customer whenever they order.

Now, let’s say we’re making orders for the first two customers. You can establish a database of typical products you sell by going to the vendor website and saving high-quality images of the products. We buy from SanMar and Alphabroder, and in this video, you’ll see how we upload them into Wizard.

For the first two customers, a basic Gildan T-Shirt will work as a product example. Begin by saving a picture of the item with the color choice of white (all color changing apparel will have to start out white). One click with the Color Change Cut-out and you have a custom mockup that can be edited to any color.  Save the item in your TRW Design Wizard Mock-Up Template library (under Product Types).

Using the Create Auto-Boundary around the shirt, it will trace the item and create a copy. Adjust the shadow, contrast and brightness levels to create more realistic depth to the product, so it doesn’t look like a flat color when it’s changed. You can also isolate the tag in the collar of the original item and move it to the replica product, so that it remains a true tag image. When you change the color of the product, the tag will look like the original and make the shirt look authentic.

This can be done with any item. In the video, I do a tank top and a baseball cap. Some items require a few more steps and tweaking, like removing background colors or fixing the trace shape a little and moving nodes to make sure the inside edge of the item is traced and not the background.

People are usually visual and like to get a preview before they make a purchase. You can include a set-up fee for complicated and timely orders for customers, if you need to for production costs, and it not take you nearly as long as it would to either download and upload every product image in a catalog or having to manually trace and copy products.


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“Stay Liquid” Sean has been with The Rhinestone World for four years, previously worked as the custom design coordinator and recently moved into a training role. Sean has a degree in Hospitality Management from USF. He specializes in vector designs and Wizard tools.

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