How to Create a Rhinestone Decal With the Silhouette


[embedyt][/embedyt]Rhinestones add sparkle to your shirt and bags, but what if you want some extra bling on your car? Or a drawer? Rhinestone decals are a beautiful addition to your car and can be easily made with your Silhouette CAMEO and heat press.

Materials Needed:

Create Your Design in Silhouette Studio

  1. Bring in the file that you want to convert over to rhinestones. Use the corners to scale it to about the size you want it to be.
  2. Click on your object and go to the Offset Panel. Click on offset and set the distance to .160. Press apply. This is going to be the outline of your star.
  3. Select the star and go to the Rhinestone Panel. This will have different fills that can be applied to your shape. Select Linear Fill. Choose a color to fill in your rhinestones from the Fill Panel.
  4. Click on the offset you made earlier and choose Edge in the Rhinestone Panel. 
  5. Select the first star and click on Release Rhinestones in the rhinestone panel. This will ungroup all of the stones in the design. Select your stones and make copies to fill in some of the extra spaces made in the rhinestone fill.
  6. Once you are done editing the star, highlight the entire design and group.
  7. Use the rectangle tool and draw a square around your rhinestone design. This is how you will line up the two colors.

How to Cut Your Design

  1. In the Cut Settings panel, choose by Fill Color. This allows you to only cut certain colors in your design.
  2. Make sure to always keep the no color option checked. This is the square you drew and how you will line up your design.
  3. Leave a check mark on the color you are cutting, then switch to the next color and cut.
  4. Load the Magic Flock into your Silhouette with the fuzzy side up.
  5. Check your cut settings for Magic Flock. I use: Blade: 6, Thickness: 22, Speed: 10 and Double Cut.
  6. Cut your templates!
  7. Once you are done cutting, lift the Magic Flock from the backing, you will have little holes where the rhinestones will be.

Producing Your Decal

  1. Find your workspace. I use a chalkboard with raised edges to keep my rhinestones under control.
  2. Put down the template for the first color of rhinestones.
  3. Choose your rhinestone color and dump the stones on top of the template. Make sure to put more stones than you need for the design.
  4. Use your rhinestone brush and gently start brushing your rhinestones in small circles. This will start placing your rhinestones into place in the template. The rhinestone will use each other to fall into the holes.
  5. Keep brushing until all or most of the holes are filled.
  6. Once your template is filled, place your brush flat on the template and gently brush the remaining stones aside and out of the way. You can leave these here until after you transfer your design, or clean them right away using the TRW Magic Scoop.
  7. Cut a piece of hot-fix tape, but make it 3-4 inches wider than your template.
  8. The hot-fix tape will be used as a hinge for this design. Place your tape over the rhinestones, leaving the extra tape to the side of the design. Make sure to smooth the tape down on your workstation to keep it there.
  9. Clean up your extra stones to prevent your rhinestone colors from mixing. We recommend using the TRW Magic Scoop.
  10. Lift your hot-fix tape from the template, making sure to leave the extra tape on the side on the workstation. This will keep the placement of the tape for the second color.
  11. Take your second template and align the corners of the box with the corners of the first template. The holes of the second template should show your Magic Flock underneath it. If you can see the surface of your workstation, your rhinestones will overlap.
  12. Brush in your rhinestones into the second template. Be careful of the tape on the side.
  13. Once your rhinestones are brushed into the template, bring your tape back over the second color. Make sure to keep the hinge you made intact.

Pressing Your Decal

  1. Place your transfer back on your hot-fix tape backing. Trim the tape closer to your template, leaving about a half inch of space around the design.
  2. Cut a piece of the decal material that is slightly larger than the transfer tape you just trimmed.
  3. You’ll see that the decal material has a shiny side and a dull side. The shiny side will be what the rhinestones are applied to. The dull side is the paper backing that will be peeled off for application onto a car or other flat surface.
  4. Place your transfer on the shiny side of the decal material. Make sure to smooth the tape on the decal material. Do not let the tape go past the decal material edges, it must be within the material.
  5. Take your cover sheet and put it on the bottom platen of your press. Place your rhinestone decal on the platen with the glue of the stones facing up. This is the opposite of pressing to a garment.
  6. Fold your cover sheet to cover the top of the decal. The decal should have both sides protected by the cover sheet.
  7. Press the decal at 325 degrees for 10 seconds.
  8. Take your decal and flip it to have the rhinestones facing up. Press again at 325 degrees for 5 seconds.
  9. Remove the decal from the heat press and put on a flat surface. Be careful, the decal will be very hot.
  10. Peel the hot-fix tape off the decal material. The rhinestones should have small rings around them from the decal material. If the stones look like they are just sitting on top of the material, press it again.
  11. You can trim the decal material closer to the stones. Make sure when trimming to keep the rings around the stones intact. Cutting too close will break the bond between the stones and the decal material.
  12. When you are ready to apply the decal, simply peel off the backing. The decal material will apply clear.

In just minutes, a few materials, and a cool design, you’ll have a shiny, sparkling decal ready for any smooth surface. Once you make one, you’ll want to make more, and soon you’ll be blinging everything!


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