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Custom wall art doesn’t have to break the bank. An upcycled wooden canvas frame can quickly become the center of attention for any room… and for a great price!

Level: Beginner

Overview: In this project, we will create Wall Art using Silhouette Studio ® Business Edition V4. We will cut the design in Siser EasyWeed White Vinyl and Siser EasyWeed Mint Glitter Vinyl using Silhouette Cameo 3 ® cutting machine and heat press using the MAXX Clam Heat Press.



Siser EasyWeed HTV – White

Siser EasyWeed HTV – Glitter Mint Green

Framed Canvas (doesn’t have to be brand new and it can be an empty frame with no canvas)

Fabric to fit your frame


Stapler or staple gun

Silhouette Cameo ® 3

Silhouette Studio ® Business Edition V4

Magic Weed Edge weeding tool

Magic Heat Tape

The Maxx Clam 15” x 15” Heat Press


  1. Decide on the design and placement for your project. We are using the words “Create Today” on a 34” square framed canvas and a gray and white patterned material. Our design will be approx.16” x 11”. We marked the fabric for placement of the design.


  1. Using the Page Layout panel, change your workspace size to 24” x 12” and change your Cutting Mat setting to None (see Figure 2).


  1. Click Insert Text tool, type “Create.” Click it again to insert another text line and type “today”.
  2. Select both lines of text and open the Fill Panel to change the color to mint green (see Figure 4). Open Text Style Panel, change font for the word “Create” to Calista or whatever font you prefer. Change the word “today” to Times New Roman font.


  1. Sometimes handwritten fonts with extra flourishes don’t seem to look right or maybe the one capital letter you need at the beginning of your word doesn’t look right as was the case with this. To change it, make a copy of the word “create” by holding Alt + left mouse button to select text box then drag into blank space and drop it. Delete the “c” from “create” in the first text box and delete the “reate” from “create” in the second text box to leave just a “c.” Change “reate” to font size 300 and change the “c” to font size 450. Now move the “c” so it fits in with the rest of the word, select them both and right click to choose Weld so it will cut perfectly (See Figure 5).


  1. Select the word “today” and open the Text Style panel to make it a 200 font size. This is where you can also change the character spacing if needed. It was changed to 95% for this project.
  2. Do not make it a compound path if you are layering vinyl right on top of each other like we are for this project. You may not always choose to layer vinyl especially on a large design on a shirt because it will feel thick but for wall art, no one will mind if it feels thick.


  1. Select all words and click the Offset This will add a .0125 offset (See Figure 8). Adjust as needed for your design. While the offset is still selected, open the Color Fill panel and change the color if you prefer to see it rather than leaving it the white color that it will actually be cut into.
  2. Select the whole design, right click and select Flip Horizontally.
  3. Select the words (not the offset) by selecting “create” and then holding Shft + left mouse button to select “today”. Group them by clicking the right mouse button and choosing “Group”. Move those words off into the margin outside of the cut area.
  4. Click Send. Go to Material tab, check cut settings for your vinyl. Make sure your vinyl is loaded properly into your Cameo with the shiny side down for heat transfer vinyl. Do a test cut. Adjust cut settings as needed.
  5. After successfully cutting the offset, go back to your Design Page and move the offset out of your work area and move the rest of the design (the words) back into the work area. Click Send, check cut settings in the Material tab and adjust as needed. Load your vinyl properly into your Cameo, do a test cut and adjust cut settings as needed.
  6. Weed your design (See Figure 13).


  1. Press the Siser EasyWeed White HTV offset onto your material at 305° for 2-3 seconds. Press the Siser EasyWeed Mint Green Glitter HTV onto your material for 10 seconds. Hold your design in place with TRW Magic Heat Tape (See Figure 14).


  1. Center and attach your material to your canvas frame using a stapler for soft wood or a staple gun for more dense wood (See Figure 15). If your frame had hardware for hanging it up, remove the hardware and reuse it on top of your material or add new hardware for hanging it up.


Material Cost: $10.25 ($7.25 in vinyl, $3 for 1.5 yards of clearance fabric, no cost for reusing a framed canvas).


Estimated Total Time: 30 min


Tips and Ideas

  • You can easily adapt these step-by-step directions to make much smaller wall art using less material, less vinyl, and framed canvas art from a second-hand store.
  • Follow these same design steps to make a customized tablecloth for your booth at a craft fair.
  • Be sure to change the Cut Settings for each different type of vinyl used. Use The Rhinestone World’s Recommended Cut Settings guide to find cutting specs.
  • Use The Rhinestone World’s Rhinestone and Vinyl Pressing Specs guide to find heat press settings and hot or cold peel directions.





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