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I often hear from customers: When should I get a heat press and which one should  I get? Whether making group shirts and gifts or taking your vinyl hobbies to the next level and starting a business, looking at press options can become a big decision. You start comparing the equipment specifications, what you will use it for, and of course – cost.

When the Pink Craft Press first arrived on the market, it instantly got my attention – as a crafter and as Project Coordinator at The Rhinestone World. It was compact and cute, it did all the functions as the big-boy equipment but much more user-friendly for me and my needs. I opened the box, set it on my desk next to my silhouette. Pretty quickly, I knew the Pink Craft Press is the perfect piece of equipment for crafters who are building up their business or even users who already have a heat press but need something more portable.




The Pink Craft Press weighs only 37 pounds. That’s less than some of your children! Because this was made with crafters in mind, this piece of equipment is small and light. You can easily take it in and out of storage if you’re short on space, or transport it to other locations for parties or on-site customization! My pink press is toted along in my car with me every week when I visit friends.



Heat presses typically come in 11×15, 15×15 or 16×20 pressing areas. While these areas are great for shirts and customizations, the pressing themselves can take up a good amount of space. Once you place a press in a spot, it normally stays put due to the size and weight. The pressing area of the Pink Craft Press is 9×12. This area is perfect for all of your smaller craft projects, but large enough to still press shirts as well.


No matter what kind of projects you like to work on, the Pink Craft Press allows you to create in many different ways. It is also the perfect companion for your full-size heat press, allowing you to bring it to special events and create items on-site.




The common decision for crafters and people starting their business is, “Do I get a cheaper press to get started, or do I get a quality grade heat press?” There seems to always be some sort of compromise, whether it be the lifetime of the press, or in some cases, if the instructions are in your native language; or do you compromise and fork out several hundred dollars in order to have a professional grade press that will work hard for you.


The Pink Craft Press has an easy-to-use temperature setting that operates in Fahrenheit. You can set the temperature and a timer easily with just two buttons. The digital screen will show you the current temperature of the press while it is warming up and at temperature. Once the press is brought to a close with the handle, a timer will count down until completed.



While these features are most helpful for convenience, the quality of the press boasts in its warranty. A company’s warranty is essentially how much faith they have in their product. Basically they say, “We guarantee this product will work for X amount of time.” Many of the affordable presses that crafters start out with have around a 60 to 90-day warranty. That means your press will definitely work for two to three months. MONTHS. If you’re building a business at that point there is no time for your press to break. The Pink Crafter Press has a full year warranty on the machine. This warranty is comparable to the same ones given to higher-grade professional presses.


Price and Profit


The Pink Craft Press is available on therhinestoneworld.com for only $295! That means you can get a professional-grade press with a full year warranty for half the price of other similar presses. If you are just starting out your business, you can pair it with a Silhouette CAMEO for $269.99 and have all the equipment you need with a low as a $600 investment.

It’s no secret that a heat press can provide quality results with heat transfer vinyl. Since HTV requires appropriate pressure when applied, it can take longer to properly apply vinyl to a garment using a home iron. In addition to the time required, getting proper pressure with HTV also takes some strength! Because the Pink Craft Press programs the time, temperature, and pressure, pressing HTV on garments is done quickly and accurately. Instead of using an iron for anywhere between 30 seconds to 60 seconds a shirt, the Pink Craft Press will take 15 seconds a piece. This means you can get more items done in a shorter time. Remember, time is money!


Ways to Make Money


The Pink Craft Press can make your money back quickly with some fast, easy projects. Many times these projects can use scrap vinyl or reusable rhinestone templates. Customizations, like names and monograms, use very little material but can turn a large profit. Below are some ideas for items you can make with your Pink Press.


Wine Bag Holder

This video uses scrap vinyl and fonts to create an easy project that can be done in five minutes or less. Bags like this are popular with realtors and Christmas party gifts. Your average cost in materials may be around $4, and the bag can be sold for around $10.


Rhinestone Decals

A rhinestone template is cut one time, but the template material can be used over and over again. Decals can be made easily and pressed with your craft press. Rhinestone decals sell like hot cakes for schools and sports events. The average cost in materials for a small decal is about $1.50, and the decal can be sold anywhere from $5 to $10 a piece.



Tote Bags

Tote bags are an easy item for your inventory because they are affordable items to make for special events. Some of the largest markets for tote bags are wedding parties. A tote bag can be purchased for about $1 a piece and pressed with scrap vinyl. The average cost in materials for a bag may be around $3, and the bags can be sold for around $10 a piece for a custom bag.

The Pink Craft Press may be a small press, but it is big in uses. If you are a crafter or someone just starting out in your business, this is the perfect introductory press for you. The benefits of the warranty, size, weight, and uses will more than make your money back. The Pink Craft Press is a big machine in a small package that will give you the boost you are looking for. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s pink. 🙂


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"Just use a little more hot glue." Lisa is the Creative Product Instructor for The Rhinestone World and has been with the company since 2014. She spends her day thinking up great crafting projects and teaches others along the way. Her weapon of choice is the Silhouette Cameo 2. Lisa holds a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

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  1. Hi Lisa, your training videos are outstanding! Doc Berry here from the Long Beach NBM Show. I just posted this same comment on one of Matt’s recent videos, but really need your technical advice. We are just getting into the business and wanted to test our market with a denim jacket design. It has been a little disappointing due to the obstacles we ran into when we placed our ordered from TRW to make our custom rhinestone templates. Our order was refused. That obviously put us at a setback for our start-up launch, but I’m an old Marine and not to be discouraged from accomplishing the mission, we had to spend a couple of months finding a work-a-round with a different supplier. We actually wanted to use TRW as as one-stop-shop for everything since we are ordering 500 gross of each of the basic colors of rhinestones (and will most likely need that amount re-ordered each month), a full assortment of Siser glitter vinyl, all of the heat transfer supplies and accessories, etc. We will also be upgrading to the Roland, GCC, or Jaguar IV. We bought the “PINK” press after watching your video on it just so we could get comfortable with our pressing technique, but are ready to purchase two of the top of the line Hot Tronix presses. We have a designated computer strictly for our design and cutting station; no email or internet on that computer. However, we do want to purchase the TRW Stone Wizard and the CorelDraw from TRW. We have a question, out of the thousands of videos TRW has, is there a training video that shows how to make a combination of rhinestone filled text with a single row offset of different color rhinestones to outline the letters, and with vinyl shadowing around the letters to give a 3-D effect? Also, do you have a font available that is called “3-D Superman Font?” I am not sure if I am explaining with clarity as to what I am trying to make and I can’t post the image in this comment box. I will see if I can post this same message on the FB page, or if you have any other suggestions i would welcome your instruction. Thanks Lisa, and we really do love your videos… they are what got us interested in this business.

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